Thursday, March 26, 2015

Food Network Shows in Orlando

If you're anything like Amanda's brother, before each vacation you probably browse the Food Network's map to see if any of the restaurants that you've seen on television are located near your destination. We've saved you the trouble in this post!

While our favourite television shows haven't yet made it to the Orlando area (Man vs. Food and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives), Eat Street and Cupcake Wars have.


While some of the food trucks showcased on Eat Street are a part of the Food Truck Bazaar that we already blogged about here, there are still some others that are worth a try!

Previously a food truck, this gastropub has great reviews! Located in Clermont (about 30 minutes from Remy's Refuge), we've heard fantastic things!

Using fresh ingredients grown in their own backyard, this husband and wife team creates menu items with Filipino, middle eastern and Chinese influences.  You'll be trying to hit a moving target, so check out their facebook page to find out where they're at!

Moving around downtown Orlando, the yelp reviews say that their avocado fries will (and we quote) consume your life. Gotta try? We think so!


You've tried the food trucks and now you're ready for dessert? Check out...

Sweet by Holly
With mini cupcakes costing only $1 on Mondays, 30 flavours available each day and gluten-free options, you gotta stop by!

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