Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Art of Remy's Refuge

We're getting lots of questions about the art that adorns the walls of Remy's Refuge. (In fairness, we also get questions like, "Why do you call that the Lego room?" because it's not obvious in the house photos what the subject of the pieces are.

With that said, we've decided to feature the wonderful artists who inspired the decor of Remy's Refuge. Without further ado, the artists (in alphabetical order)...


Pretty much the king of pulp posters, this guy turns your favourite movies into Harlequin novel covers that are amazing!

Here are the ones in our Star Wars master bedroom:

You can visit Timothy Anderson's official website here


The Oliver Gal Artist Co. is a collective of artists that make limited edition collections. One of our favourite collections is a series of blueprints of common objects. 

With Legoland practically in our backyard, these Lego bricks and Lego people really caught our eye. You can find these in the Lego bedroom at Remy's Refuge:

 You can visit the Oliver Gal website here


If you're on Pinterest or into vintage-looking movie posters at all, you're likely already familiar with some of Eric Tan's work. His vintage style is something that we just love love love!

These Ratatouille posters are done in a similar style to the travel posters of French artist, Cassandre, which is very fitting for Remy's home of Paris, don't you think? You can find these in the kitchen and dining room at Remy's Refuge:

And you can find this Muppets poster in the living room at Remy's Refuge:

Eric Tan's work doesn't end with these. He has done tons of other pop art. You can follow his blog here


Steve Thomas' portfolio includes all sorts of subject matter from Lord of the Rings travel posters to Star Wars propaganda art.

These travel posters are what give the Indiana Jones master bedroom its name:

And this Disney poster welcomes you as you come in the front door of Remy's Refuge:
Visit Steve Thomas' webpage here.


Based out of Nashville, Ariel Tyndell is the creative genius behind 716 Designs. She's a super talented graphic designer and it shows. 

We fell in love with her work and these are the pieces that we put in our Harry Potter room:

 You can browse her portfolio here and visit the 716 Designs etsy shop here.

That's it for the recap of the art in Remy's Refuge. We hope we'll be able to get you all into the house soon to see these awesome designs in real life!

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