Thursday, September 11, 2014

Legoland Florida

Florida is home to the largest LEGOLAND park in the world. Built on the shores of Lake Eloise, LEGOLAND has a theme park, water park and botanical gardens that are definitely worth a visit!

In typical theme park style, the park is broken into 11 distinct areas:
  • THE BEGINNING is main entrance area of the park that has a ride called "Island in the Sky" which gives you a great view of the entire property from above
  • FUN TOWN contains a carousel, a greenhouse and a 4-D theatre that plays 3 different movies on rotation throughout the day 
  • MINILAND has mini replicas of many famous locations including New York City, Washington DC, Las Vegas and the Star Wars universe

 Get your picture taken in Miniland!

  • DUPLO VALLEY is the part of the park that caters to the littlest guests
  • LEGO KINGDOMS contains two small roller coasters and a multi-level tree house called Forestman's Hideout
  • LAND OF ADVENTURE is where you'll find a wooden coasters called "Coastersaurus", a safari trek where you'll see lifesize animals made entirely out of LEGO and the "Lost Kingdom Adventure" is an interactive ride where you can shoot laser blasters at targets

  • LEGO CITY is where you can participate in driving, flying and boating school
  • IMAGINATION ZONE is where you get to build LEGO robots and racers
  • LEGO TECHNIC contains racing boats, a roller coaster called "Project X" and a bicycle-style ride called "Technicycle"

  • PIRATES' COVE is where you can see a live water ski show
  • LEGOLAND WATER PARK contains a wave pool, various slides, a water playground, a build-a-raft river and a splash pad for toddlers

 For more details, you can visit the official website:

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