Wednesday, July 2, 2014

House Tour

We figured you might be curious to take a virtual walk-through of Remy's Refuge before arriving. Here's what the house looks like from the street. 
When you arrive, the key will be in the lock box on the wall to the left of the front door. Use the unique code provided in your arrival instructions to let yourself into the house.

Welcome! Drop your bags and let's go check this place out. After all, this is home for the duration of your stay. The first bedroom you'll see is directly to your left. 

This is the biggest bedroom in the house. It has a queen-size bed, 26" flat panel television and an ensuite bathroom over there to the right.

The ensuite itself has a tub and shower combo. The closet you see to the right has a safe for locking up valuables and is also where we store all of the baby equipment (folding play pen, high chair and two strollers) should you require it. 

Let's head back into the hallway and on to the rest of the tour. You can see the dining room from here. 

What a kitchen! Bright white cabinets, tile floor for easy clean-up of spills, new black granite countertops and, of course, well-stocked with everything you might need during your stay. Fridge, oven, dishwasher, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, kettle, knives, cutting boards, serving utensils, can opener, wine and bottle openers, dishes, mixing bowls, pots and pans and even baking supplies, like cookie sheets and measuring cups. That door you see to your right is a pantry. 

The dining room table seats six. Got eight people in your party? Don't worry, there's seating for two more at the breakfast bar!

From the kitchen, we can see the living room. This makes great together time while someone is preparing the meals! From this vantage point, the second master bedroom is directly to our left and the other two bedrooms are through the hallway to the right, just beyond the counter stools.

Here's where you can relax out of the sun and enjoy some television or movies on the 42" flat panel television. Feel free to bring your own DVDs from home, our player works great! To the right of the television, you can see the patio door that leads to your private pool. 

Did I not mention the pool? Completely screened in from any bugs and heated if you've requested it, this is the ideal spot for pool games, soaking up the sun or enjoying a cold beverage outside.

The lake view from the pool is incredible! Birds chirping, lilies floating on the serene! Sigh...
Sorry to cut this moment short, but there's more of the house to see!

 Back through the patio door, through the living room and turn right. Here's the second master bedroom. A little smaller than the first, but this one has direct pool access there on the right. It also has a queen-size bed, a 26" flat panel television and an ensuite bathroom to the left. 

This ensuite bathroom is a slightly smaller mirror-image of the first. Once again, there's a tub and shower combo and a closet for storage.

Back out in to the main living space and directly across the hall are the other two bedrooms. Before we head that way, if you look to the right of the fridge, you can see the door to the laundry room. Above the washer and dryer, there's a shelf of extra beach towels in case you forgot yours and enough detergent to do one load of laundry. At the back of the laundry room, there is another door that leads to the garage where there's a pool table for playing in your downtime. Now let's head across to the final two bedrooms.

The first thing you'll see is the third and final bathroom. Once again, there's a tub and shower combo. Just to the right of the entrance to this bathroom, you'll find a linen closet with lots of extra towels, tea towels, bed sheets and pillow cases.

From the doorway to the bathroom, if you look to the left, you'll find this bedroom. It contains a double bed, a closet to the right (not shown) where we store spare pillows and blankets and a 26" flat panel television. 

 If you look right, there's another bedroom containing two twin-size beds. There is a closet opposite the beds and a 19" flat panel television mounted above the closet that is just perfect for viewing when lying down!

 Now you've seen the whole house! If you're still confused about the layout, here's a floor plan to help you out. 

That's it for the house tour. I hope you're more excited than ever about your stay at Remy's Refuge!

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